Elemental Raiders

Following the philosophy of G4AL, Elemental Raiders is a new type of game that mixes the concepts of Play, Earn and Fun.
As a turn-based role-playing game (RPG), players have the opportunity to have fun fighting against other users (PvP) and the environment (PvE). Additionally, the game allows players to collect and trade NFTs, with a marketplace enabled to facilitate purchases and sales of non-fungible tokens.
As the first G4AL product, Elemental Raiders will be the platform's flagship game and the first public demonstration of what G4AL Network is capable of.
The launch of Elemental Raiders will be right after the $GGT TGE (Token Generation Event), scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.
Find more information about the game at its official website and Elemental Raiders Whitepaper
Screenshot showing the skill selection stage for an Elemental Raiders character.
Gameplay screenshot (I).
Gameplay screenshot (II).
Gameplay screenshot (III).
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