Entities and Individuals Involved in G4AL

G4AL Board of Directors and Management Team

G4AL has a management team with solid and complementary expertise in business, technology and investments. The founders have a combined 125 years of experience in entrepreneurship, video games and new technologies.
Manel Sort, Co-founder and CEO
  • More than 20 years of experience as a video game developer and producer, studio head and CEO of companies in the industry. Former FVP and GM of King Studio.
  • He has contributed to and released more than 60 games on all major platforms (PC, Xbox, PS2, mobile), generating more than $ 1 billion in EBITDA.
Javier León, Co-founder and Art Director
  • 26 years as a CGI specialist and art director in video game and special effects studios in Europe and the US.
  • Nominated for an Emmy for The Crown's Credits and one of the 200 Best International Digital Artists, according to the Lürzer Archive.
Christian Gascons, Co-founder and COO / Technical Director
  • Entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in client-server programming for large cross-platform video game companies, including leading companies in the industry, such as Digital Chocolate.
Marc Tormo, Co-founder and Game Director
  • Entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in video game design with a special emphasis on free-to-play mechanics. Ex-Blizzard Entertainment.
Carlos Blanco, Co-founder, and Financial Partner
  • Entrepreneur, private investor, and managing partner at Encomenda Smart Capital. Investor in dozens of successful global technology projects, including Housfy and Grupo ITnet. Founder of Akamon Entertainment.
Ernest Sánchez, Co-founder, and Financial Partner
  • Entrepreneur, investor, director, and member of the board of directors of high-growth technology companies such as Zapper and Glovo.

Steering and Monitoring Committee

In order to drive transparency and ensure a satisfactory rendering of accounts to stakeholders, G4AL has a Steering and Monitoring Committee. The committee, made up of investor representatives, will be informed of the economic-financial and technological evolution of the company.
G4AL will provide the Committee with all the information required for this purpose, and meetings will be organized at least once a quarter to inform its members. In addition, the Steering and Monitoring Committee will have an Observer, who may also participate in the discussions of the issues discussed in the sessions, without, however, having the right to vote.


Venture Capital funds that inverted in G4AL's pre-seed round phase include, among others, Inveready, Bonsai and Nuclio.


Pol Colomer, Data Analysis: Ph.D. in physical sciences and data science consultant.
Mª Rosa Ardanuy, Finance: 20 years of experience as manager and financial director.
Martín González, Financial Advisor: CFA and economist specialized in Corporate Development.

Legal Team

RocaJunyent: Law firm
Mireia Aleu: Lawyer, legal advisor, and business and investment analyst.
Álvaro Vives Cuesta: Independent legal advisor.
Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz: Independent legal advisor.
Tiago Marques Gomes: Independent legal advisor.