Information About the Issuer (G4AL)

Games for a Living (G4AL) was founded in 2021 by Manel Sort (CEO), the former FVP and GM of King Studio, Javier León (Art Director), an Emmy Award Nominee, and Christian Gascons and Marc Tormo (both ex-Blizzard Entertainment). As main advisors, G4AL has Carlos Blanco and Ernest Sánchez, who are entrepreneurial leaders in the field of new technologies, with numerous achievements backing their expertise. The team has a combined experience of 125 years in building and growing startups.
G4AL’s vision is to change the gaming industry forever: imagine a world where players could play a Candy Crush that redistributed part of the revenue that the game generates back to its players. Or a Fortnite where the money that gamers spend on skins is not a sunk cost because they can sell their digital assets on a secondary marketplace. This is possible, using blockchain technology. But it requires the necessary infrastructure that is easy to use for developers to want to incorporate these mechanisms into their games. This technology needs to be scalable, secure and transparent.
You also need games that are fun to play with sustainable economies to get anyone, gamers or developers, to take any notice. Here at G4AL we are building both - infrastructure and content, to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. We believe that blockchain gaming will drive stronger engagement with users and will be the largest revolution in gaming since the introduction of free-to-play models.
The G4AL Network was created by a team of experienced video game industry professionals and blockchain experts to solve the specific needs of gamers and game developers regarding blockchain technology.
This is achieved by creating the G4AL Chain, a blockchain built for games; Web3 Game Tools, a set of tools and services for game developers; and the Marketplace, a marketplace to trade G4AL games assets.
The platform has its own token, called Game Gold Token ($GGT), which is used for marketplace transactions, and to serve as a cross currency in all video games developed on the G4AL Network.
Our engineering team has created the G4AL Chain by removing most of the unnecessary overhead of a decentralized blockchain and has made it permissioned, resulting in a more accessible and secure, and sustainable solution for gamers.
Our main competitor is tackling the problem making a Proof of Authority consensus, private permissioned chain, but G4AL provides enhances that approach with a hybrid approach. With this hybrid approach, the blockchain is still permissioned and private, but the resulting Blockchain ledger is publicly available and secured with PoW hashing and signature.
The G4AL Network is the easiest and fastest approach for developers who want to experiment with Web3, enabling the addition of blockchain features to their games in a few minutes without any Web3 knowledge.